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DRT Racing, based out of New Hampshire, is a nationally accredited karting team and importer of DR Racing Kart and NEK Composite Components. Our goal is to provide the best quality in our products and our services in an approachable, affordable manner. As the importer of the DR Racing Kart line, we provide support both directly through our team, as well as through our excellent dealer network all throughout North America. 



DR Racing s.r.l. was founded in 1996 by Danilo Rossi, winner of five kart World Championships, with the motivation of passing on his passion and competence to younger emerging drivers.

Its sales location and the racing team were its main activities till 2007. In the years that followed DR Racing opened up new horizons committing itself directly to the designing and production of competition chassis.

Today DR Racing produces its own line of chassis, first-rate and high performance accessories and  sportswear which are distributed through a network of dealers all over the world.



We are a young company, born from the passion for motor sport competitions. Our business philosophy is based on the research of innovation, which leads us to create unique products, with a particular attention to safety and comfort, not forgetting design. For our production, we employ cutting-edge technologies and skilled labour.The name NEK stands for NEW EVOLUTION KART and deals with our ideals and our approach to work.

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